Welcome to Tina Mangos Dance-Arts, serving the Indianapolis area and beyond, where creativity meets logic and practicality. We’ll make your life or work a bit more creative, more social, more functional. My brain-based teaching methods help you connect the right and left brain and enhance creativity. With 35+ years experience in education and the arts, I’ll bring lots of ideas and knowledge to you for creating a workshop or class or event that’s perfect and valuable. And I’ll engage competent people on my team.

Our programs are for youth and adults in wellness, dance, art, and
communication—the stuff that makes us healthy and more “human.”
Cross-train both sides of your brain and connect brain, body and spirit.

To all my Chicago students and clients, a big “thank you” for decades of fun and creative projects and memories (1985-2016). I’m 200 miles away, but not so far that I can’t come up for a function or meet you in Indy.

So bake a pie, dance like you don’t care, make a home-made gift, communicate “face-to-face,” do something good for others, and always be curious.

Contact me if you want to be a part of the team or if you want to discuss options for your organization.