Tina Mangos     artist, educator

Tina Mangos has designed engaging courses in art, dance, writing, and health and fitness. Her expertise and training is in both visual art and dance. It all started when she immigrated to the US from Greece as a small child. Tina owes her work ethic and values to her upbringing in a working class, ethnic community, and is fluent in Greek. “Playing school” was her favorite pastime, so of course she became a high school art teacher in the 70s. (Yes, that was a long time ago, when homework was done on a typewriter.)

Lifetime Dedicated to the Arts and Creative Living

Her varied interests led her to design a multi-faceted career. While earning her Masters in art at NIU, she was concurrently teaching dance in the PE department. While exhibiting her artwork and winning awards, she was choreographing dances and was featured in a fitness program for local television in the 80s.

Corporate Training

Her successful brain-based method of teaching, which she calls “cross-training the brain,” combines logical with creative thinking in a process that optimizes learning. In her corporate training business, she and her team designed “The Art of Language,” a seminar to improve grammar and writing, using creative (right brain) activities to learn grammar (left brain). A few of her clients were Ford Motor, GE, World Book, Navistar, and Cook County Public Defender.

“The review questions at the end and the ‘painless punctuation’ were the most helpful. Tina presented the topic
in a way that was fun and easy to understand.”

Dollie Gobble, Benefits Administrator Navistar International

Ballroom Dance and Choreography

Throughout the decades, Tina has taught ballroom dance to thousands of youth and adults, has choreographed for events, and was the featured presenter for a Latin dance show that aired on WGN, a Chicago television station. Her love of Latin dance took her to Cuba on a fellowship to study dance and the arts. Tina worked with Chicago organizations to coordinate and teach at large public dances. “Tina’s Can-Can Cabaret” has been a fun and popular show for Chicago’s Bastille Day and other venues.


DanceBeat” fitness, is a fusion fitness workout that Tina developed before the “fusion” trend became popular. She continues to teach and fine tune it, and one version of “DanceBeat” workout is specifically designed for her Baby Boomer Fitness, a multi-faceted approach to wellness. Speaking from her own experience, many Boomers want the mental challenge, the creative stimulation, and the physical workout; but with an environment and modifications designed for this time in life. “I can’t do double pirouettes any more but the desire for dance technique, form, and grace is there,” says Tina. “I want music that I can enjoy and a class that allows me to think and create.”

Arts Education

Tina’s art curriculum, based on “cross-training the brain,” has lead to the success of her art classes in high school and in other after-school programs that she directed.
While teaching high school, she conducted teacher workshops, organized annual art shows, and directed the annual senior prom fashion and variety show, where faculty and students danced, performed, and modeled. She holds teaching licenses for both Illinois and Indiana.

In 2016 she retired from teaching high school art in Chicago and relocated to the Indianapolis area. As Tina says, “It’s time to re-design and re-group. I can spend more time making art. I do miss my students, and I will continue to work with youth in arts education.”

Art students
Sr. Prom Fashion Show


“Fabulous!! Another great art show. You really get the kids to exceed and show their talents. Bravo to you!! And thank you for mentoring our student teachers this year.”

Joy Panko-Donovan, Supervisor of Student Teachers,
Western Illinois University

“Thank you very much for your hard work!! The fashion show was great–the best show in the city.”

Dmitry, Manager,
Black Tie Formalwear

“Many of her student teachers return to seek her mentoring, where Ms. Mangos offers best practices and action planning strategies that are tailored for results. I myself as the head of the science department often seek her advice and expertise, and we have collaborated in cross-curricular alignment of our courses. I have nothing but the highest regard for Ms. Mangos.”

Pedro Alegre, Science Department Chair

“Live your life as a work of art; create your composition with conviction, clarity, and sensitivity.”