From Tina….

“Live your life surrounded by beauty and art. Take the time to cook; take the time to care for your home and garden and create a personal statement.”

I’m always creating, whether it’s artwork, sewing, cooking, interior design, gardening, or making fragrance. I owe much of my inspiration to my mother, Eleni, who was a dressmaker and textile artist, with museum quality embroideries and woven blankets. She created exquisite works for her dowry in the 1930s, living in a village in Greece at the base of Mt. Olympus. I also gained an appreciation for her made-from-scratch cooking and baking of traditional Greek dishes. I fill my home with hand-crafted works made by family members, friends, and my art students. There might be a framed painting done by a high school student next to a professional painting, and it’s just as valid because it “works as a composition,” and it’s authentic.
my great-aunt’s painting/embroidery on canvas 1915
nothin’ like home-grown
HS students’ paintings

A few examples of my “projects”

Fragrance: Aegean Breeze – the fresh fragrance
Costumes/sewing: Tina’s can-can Cabaret

Drawings & Clay
In addition to drawing on paper, I create bas-relief wall pieces in clay on which I draw, sculpt, and paint images.

Mosaics/wall hanging

“My mosaics are about rhythm and movement. I challenge my creative thinking by using unlikely combination of materials, such as pearls, canvas, or other elements to a cut glass mosaic piece.”

“My current work explores decorative vases, where I might “re-construct” or add mosaic pieces to the vase. These are either porcelain or stoneware.”

“I’m always experimenting—changing traditional dishes to make them more healthful, using very little sugar, or creating something new.”

feta cheese turnovers, cranberry-walnut breakfast bread, spinach-feta pie, apple-cranberry pie, cheesecake with orange topping

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