Arts Education

Tina’s method for teaching both visual and performing art “cross-trains”
the analytical (left-brain) and creative (right-brain).

A veteran teacher in the arts–both visual and performing—with over 30 years experience in her dance business and teaching high school art in Chicago. While teaching art, she directed the school dance club and choreographed for various shows at school and city-wide. She ran after-school arts programs for various schools. Tina’s students have been recognized for their well-designed and creative artwork. Having retired from CPS in 2016, Tina has relocated to the Indianapolis area to pursue arts education through her business. She holds current teaching licenses in Indiana and Illinois.

Decades committed to education in the arts as a high school teacher and a business owner

Youth Art

Art Since the ‘70s

2016 Tina’s last day at CPS

Youth Dance

Since the 80s

Creative movement

Latin dance

Cotillion Choreography

Tina is an extremely accomplished and talented individual whom I have known for many years. I was one of her professors and on her graduate committee while she was completing her Master’s degree in fine arts. I have maintained contact with her and I have had the opportunity to watch her build, expand, and create a fantastic career in the arts. Tina has a bright and sincere personality and is a caring and competent instructor in any subject she teaches.Dorothea Bilder, professor emeritus, School of Art, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL