“Cross-train Your Brain”
step-by-step process to exercise both analytical and creative skills

Think like a scientist; create like an artist

Art education for youth

Tina can design and teach a workshop or ongoing course for elementary to high school students. Her projects involve problem-solving and conceptual thinking to create an interesting composition–one that “works” in terms of rhythm, focus, contrast, unity, harmony, and uniqueness. Her specialty is creating mixed media projects that help students “think outside the box.”

Art workshops for teachers and schools

  • Classroom management and teaching methods
  • Variety of workshops for grades 3 to 12.
  • Artist residency or after-school programs
  • The “Art of Language”: a course designed to improve grammar skills using right brain/creative methods. Integrate art and English grades 7-12
  • Coaching for new teachers or teaching artists
teacher workshop

Tina Mangos, MFA, holds current teaching certificates in both Indiana and Illinois.

During the course I didn’t just learn who you were as a teacher but also, who you were as a person and you are one amazing teacher and you have a kind heart. Thanks especially for providing me with great help and encouraging me to do my best and to enter one of my pieces in the art show. Thank you for looking out for other students’ well being and for taking your time to give seniors that one chance to feel like models in the fashion show. Hopefully you continue doing it, you do an amazing job! I’ll miss you Mrs. Mangos.With lots of love, Mercedes Ambrocio, HS student
summer 2017 arts enrichment
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A few of the projects:

Taught by Tina and her instructors. These can be taught as a 6-9 week unit, with a series of preliminary studies.

Mask Sculptures: “The god of ______”

mask forms, foam core, and various materials

The Sea, Wonderland, The Sky, Amusement

Conceptual city: mixed media


“From a Butterfly to a Rose”:
Clay, canvas, paint, twigs on canvas
“From a Figure to a Tree”
Mixed media on canvas

Room Collage:

Process overview: Design the space, draw the furniture on separate paper, trace each component and then draw/cut colored or recycled papers. Glue each piece. Draw preliminary studies of interiors and furniture to understand perspective.

This is an excellent project for problem-solving, construction, and creative thinking. It is also a non-intimidating, yet challenging project for adults or people who might be shy about doing art. The “construction process” is left-brain; the composition is “right-brain.”

Nature Composition: analogous colors and transparency

Process: Preliminary drawings, create a palette, lay out the background with transparency, and create the image in the circle.
This project can easily relate to zoology, geography, or biology.

Sewing and painting on canvas


  • Preliminary practice with embroidery stitches
  • Drawing of images • cutting felt applique pieces/li>
  • painting
  • embroidery details

Finished Work:

Fairy tales and ancient Greek images

Collage/mixed media with figures

All the figures and shapes were drawn and then traced on colored paper

I hired Ms Mangos in 1997 and I have maintained an ongoing professional relationship with her. She has excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills, along with the ability to work well with different types of students. Ms Mangos took over for a teacher who had resigned and inherited an art program that was in disarray and a classroom that looked like a disaster zone. Within a few short weeks, she had gained her students’ trust and had turned her classroom into a comfortable, well-decorated, and organized learning center. Her students produced excellent art work year after year.Miguel Trujillo, HS principal
…Her work ethics and talents result in many hours spent outside the regular school day as evidenced by her management and success of the annual student art show and her Sr Prom Fashion/Variety show. Tina sets the bar for professionalism and student-centered instruction….Morgan Gallagher, Asst. Principal 6/’16
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