Youth Dance
Tina and her team can design a program appropriate for your age group and learning goals— from a one-time workshop to a 6- to 8-week unit.

Cross-train your brain—think logically; dance creatively

  • Ballroom/Latin Dance for grades 4-12
    Positive interpersonal skills and social etiquette
    Physical activity that’s fun and engaging
    Cultural/historical information
  • Ballroom—Freestyle
    Dance patterns from Ballroom/Latin/Pop
    Grades 4-12 all girls, or all boys, or mixed
    Incorporate math/logic with creative thinking
  • DanceBeat Fitness
    Fitness fusion: stretching and dance-based exercises on the floor, followed by dance moves with Latin and pop music.
  • Choreography/performance/coaching
    French Can-Can Cabaret

Professional Development: training, materials, lesson plans, and classroom strategies for incorporating dance into a PE unit or other class. Variety of options can be designed.

2017 summer arts enrichment- Indianapolis

Interested in more information for students or teachers? Contact Tina