Ballroom and Latin Dance — focus on Social Dance

Adults and Youth

Tina’s method of teaching dance is easy to understand, broken down into a logical progression, and focused on social dance—“thinking on your feet”— so you’re not predictable or memorizing routines. You will learn the root patterns of each dance, then you’ll add different steps to get in and out of them. You’ll learn how to put patterns together, how to “bale” out if you forget, and how to just have fun.

“Check your ego at the door and be prepared to exercise your brain and body.”

For decades, Tina has taught thousands of happy dancers.

“You really make us think and understand how to lead rather than memorizing routines. We miss you.”
Stuart Sondheimer, Chicago

The Options

  • Group classes for youth and adults: Ballroom & Latin See The Dances below.
  • Personal training (private lessons): singles or couples
    In Carmel, IN or on-site • Tina will get you “up-and-running” in a short amount of time. We’ll make a plan that suits you best.
  • Mini-lessons for your event: line dances, social dance, flash mob, and more…
  • Ballroom Freestyle: (no partners) fun routines with Ballroom/Latin steps
  • Choreography: variety of dance styles for a themed event.
  • Public dance/event: instruction for a large group of people
  • Dance Clinic–Just for men: Ballroom/Latin patterns and technique without a partner. Practical info for leading and transitioning from one pattern to the next. Learn rhythm and timing with dance drills. Improve your conceptual thinking. Gain a better understanding of the various dances. And even if you don’t do social dancing, you’ll exercise your brain and body.

“Her sense of humor and fun spirit overcomes all your fears and has you dancing right away. She helps you channel your inner dancer–has you looking good and having fun in no time!”
Adra Campbell

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The Dances

The most common dances at an event are foxtrot, swing, and slow-dancing.
A lot of the Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin songs are foxtrots. The swing is the most versatile dance, since it can be done to big band, rock ‘n roll, blues, disco, oldies, and more.
American Slow-Dance: Tina has created this dance, which is the most functional for a lot of “slow music”–especially contemporary songs used for a wedding dance. The foxtrot or waltz just don’t work for this music.
The rumba is the foundation for Latin dances, such as Mambo, Salsa, and Cha-Cha. Other dances are tango, merengue, waltz, hustle, samba, and bolero.
Tina loves to teach salsa, but she recommends that you get a foundation in rumba and cha-cha first. She has a passion for Latin dance and loves to teach technique and footwork.
If you already have good dance skills, then you can jump right in and learn salsa, cha-cha, and mambo “on 1” and also “on 2.” You will learn “shines” and creative freestyle choreography with your partner dance.


For your special day
You won’t get a bunch of choreography that you have to memorize (unless you want it). You’ll get an entrance and a few patterns that fit your “style” so you can mix and match and look natural. More than likely, you’ll do an “American Slow-Dance.” Tina designs the choreography based on your skill level and what “feels right” for you, because each couple has its own “chemistry.”
Lessons held in Carmel, IN or on-site. Recommended: 3-lesson minimum. Bring your music or choose from Tina’s list.

Wedding Options

  • Quick, one-lesson tune-up for bridal party
  • Bride’s circle dance (for Greek wedding)
  • Coordination with the band, DJ, or planner
    so the dance segments of your event flow smoothly.
  • Same-sex choreography
  • Parents’ or family dance

Dancing at the wedding last weekend was a success! Did well in swing and slow-dance. There was one rumba– we nailed it. DJ gave us a “thumbs-up.” Dance Camp pays!Steve Campbell (father of the groom)
Everyone commented on our dance and how it was amazing! We can’t Thank you enough for the time you spent with us.Vicky and Nick

Video: Foxtrot –Level I

Tina and David lead you through the basic patterns of the foxtrot, which is the most common social dance for any event.
Running time: 40 min

Foxtrot Level 1 video download: $6

Cotillions • events • large public dances

“Tina, just wanted to take a moment to say again how much we appreciated everything you did to help make our cotillion a great success…many compliments have been given to he kids’ poise and grace, how beautiful they looked, and how well the dances were done…They were absolutely gorgeous and you really did a fantastic job with the dances. I believe this was the best cotillion of all we have ever had. In addition, several people have also said you appear to be a great instructor and a professional. Thank you again for everything. I am going to miss seeing you every week. Love you,Ms. Minnie Hundley, First Baptist Congregational Church, Chicago

Long track record with Chicago’s public events

Tina is a pro at engaging a large group of people at a public dance.

Tina helped organize the first Chicago SummerDance in 1997, ran the weekly dance lessons at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and entertained at many city events.

Senior Dance events

See also Baby Boomer Fitness

Classes and workshops: Social Dance or Ballroom Freestyle

Photo: Prime Life; Carmel, IN
Seniors and teens dance at an intergenerational class.
We remember Mike, who recently passed away in 2017, for his love of dance, even though he was visually impaired.

Tina, it was great to dance with you!! You prepared a wonderful evening–from the music to the line dancing. Everyone had a blast! Thanks for making the evening such a success!Martin and Elyse Tish, Couples Social Club, Glenview, IL
Tina did a fantastic job with our class!! Her patience really helped with my comfort level. I will definitely be taking more classes with her.Jeff Larrison, Carmel, IN

Tina’s Can-Can Cabaret –popular entertainment for various private and public events

Creative, sassy, elegant, and family-friendly.
Costumes and choreography created by Tina.
Fabulous French music—from Offenbach to jazz

Thanks again for last night’s entertainment! Amazing can-can! Patrick Bourbon, President, UFEC, Chicago
JazzEmily – CU