Decades of designing health and fitness programs.
It all started in the 80s.

“In the early ‘80s–before all the “new” dance fitness/fusion trends–I developed a variety of dance-based workouts that have evolved through the years and are still very relevant. I refused to do high-impact aerobics and watched everyone destroy their knees. (I did wear those hot lycra outfits though.) I’ve incorporated everything from jazz to Middle Eastern in my dance and fitness workouts. My focus is always to have fun, laugh at yourself when you screw up, and still come out with a thoughtful, constructive session.”


Fitness at work

Take 3-5-minute stretch breaks throughout the day to re-energize yourself.

In the late 80’s—ahead of the times–Tina created a video for her corporate clients, “Fit to Work,” which was exercises to do at work. This was when we wrote on “word processors ….now it’s perfectly acceptable to exercise at your desk” The video has 5 short exercises, along with stretching to do when traveling or at home. Running time: 30 min.

What’s old is new–these moves are timeless.

Fit to Work 30 min 1990 by Tina Mangos
Download: $5

Some elements of DanceBeat Fitness

No shoes: To work through the joints of your ankles and feet for strength and flexibility. Wear shoes for the dance movements.
Mind-body: adjective… taking into account the physiological, psychic, and spiritual
connections between the state of the body and that of the mind

Engage in contemplative movements with coordination of breathing, movement
to music, and focus on coordination and form.
Cross-train your Brain: Use your left-brain in the dance patterns and coordination; use your right-brain in executing the moves with appropriate technique and musicality.
Fusion: yoga, calisthenics, ballet, various forms of dance, stretching, and music • hand-weights and props at times • on the floor, sitting, and standing
Keep the humor; drop the ego: no-judgment zone • no “regimented counting to loud music” • feel good about yourself

Some of the DanceBeat workouts—always evolving; improving

DanceBeat Ballroom Freestyle (no partners; no floorwork)
Come in your street clothes
Dance routines/line dances to Salsa, Cha Cha, and Ballroom music.

DanceBeat Fusion: Stretch ‘n Strengthen + Dance
Options: Latin, Jazz, Salsa, Ballroom/Lyrical, Disco
1. On the floor: Stretch and strengthen to maintaining the spine
and the joint areas. Promote good posture, balance, and a strong “trunk/center,” while integrating the mind and the body through calculated, creative, controlled movements. Option: Use of hand-weights
2. Standing: Various dance exercises and routines with styling, technique, coordination.

DanceBeat—Advanced Latin
For people who are already skilled in Latin dance. The rhythm can be slower and elegant (like Bolero or Cha Cha) or faster and more percussive (like Mambo/Salsa). Advanced dance technique, turns, and patterns. Wear dance shoes. Learn “shines” (footwork) in salsa and cha-cha “on-1” and “on-2.” The music is hot and you’ll be, too.

Stretch ‘n Strengthen—Just for men: Although men can take any class, this is geared for men because men’s bodies are structurally different than women’s.

I love this class! It’s fun, energetic, and good for my brain. We’re the ‘sassy girls’.Sue Schlifke, Carmel, IN