Baby Boomer fitness programs

Any of the DanceBeat programs can be modified for physical limitations. Just because you’re older, you can still be sexy–so get your groove thing going. “You can be an old soul, but dancing keeps your spirit youthful.” You get the mental challenge of choreography without jumping or stress on the knees. Too many older Americans fall or have serious weight issues. Much of that can be remedied or avoided. But you have to MOVE.

Stretch ‘n Strengthen: On the floor, on a chair, or standing. Strengthen the back, improve flexibility in hip sockets and spine, and work on balance and coordination. Exercise hands and feet. Incorporate breathing and relaxation. Calculated, creative, controlled movements. No shoes. Option: Use of hand-weights

Ballroom Freestyle: no partners
Fun routines and line dances

  • Dance patterns that relate to Ballroom/Latin
  • Exercise your brain, improve rhythm/timing, and progress in skill level
  • Develop coordination, technique, and artistic expression.
  • Disco Fever • Smooth & Big Band • Rumba & Samba • Latin & Cha-Cha • Rock ‘n Roll

Dance Clinic–Just for men: This is similar to Ballroom Freestyle, with practical info for leading your partner and transitioning from one pattern to the next. Improve your sense of rhythm and timing with dance drills. It’s left-brain training in “dance navigation” with right-brain creative thinking. And even if you don’t do social dancing, you’ll exercise your brain and body.

Photo: Teaching men the art of dance since the early ‘90s.